Sol-G & G-Ink

High quality pristine graphene in water solution.

Graphos collaborate with GNext for the development of graphene products and applications.

Graphos Sol-G and Graphos G-Ink consist on high quality graphene material suspend in water. The low amounts of exfoliating agent, less than 1%, maintain unaltered the properties of the pristine graphene. No oxidation processes are involved on the production of Graphos Sol-G or G-Ink.

With a lateral size up to 30 µm and concentration of 4.0 mg/ml, Sol-G & G-Ink can be used on wide application range. Sheet resistance of 15 Ω/square with thickness lower than 50 µm were measured on filtered paper; while 14 kΩ/square and 65% visible light transmittance are attainable on flexible transparent plastic film.

Large graphene sheets of Graphos Sol-G Graphene flakes on G-Ink

Micro-Raman at 514 nm laser (green).

Raman on trylayer graphene sheet. Raman on bulky Graphos Sol-G material.

With Graphos G-Ink you can print with a conductive pattern with a common consumer printer. You can even use a paint brush to make a conductive paint.

We are committed to improve the offer and the quality of our products by continuously investing on the research, Graphos Sol-G and Graphos G-Ink are not commercially available for the moment but please feel free to ask information.

Technical data sheet: Graphos G-InkGraphos Sol-G


Large graphene oxide (GO) sheets supported on Si oxide.

Graphene oxide (GO) sheets produced through chemical graphite exfoliation, supported on silicon oxide substrate, 300 nm. Thanks to the large dimension of each single layer of GO, up to 150 µm, this product can meet the highest researchers’ requirements.

GO platelets can be easily identified with an optical microscope when deposited on silicon oxide substrate, similarly to mechanically exfoliated graphene.

Though, their high and uniform density on the substrate (and the absence of large agglomerates and debris, typical of mechanically exfoliated graphene) make G-GOSiO the perfect substrate for quick and efficient research applications.

Big sheets oxidize graphene

Large sheets graphene oxide

Reduced big sheets oxidize graphene

Large sheets graphene oxide after reduction

GO on SiO 300 nm Thermically reduced GO on SiO 300 nm

Optical microscope images 561 x 467 µm

Sample reduction of GO can be done either chemically or by thermal treatment.

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Graphene oxide (GO) sheets supported on silicon.

Small to medium size graphene oxide (GO) sheets produced through chemical graphite exfoliation, supported on silicon. Typical sheets have lateral dimension in the range of 1-10 µm; samples with different area coverage are available to meet your needs.

AFM graphene oxide small sheets medium concentration

Graphene oxide AFM image.

Graphene oxide AFM image sheets medium concentration

Graphene oxide AFM image.

Small platelets Medium platelets

AFM image of GO sheets after solution deposition on Si, medium coverage density. Image sizes are 10 μm.

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Graphene oxide aqueous solutions.

Graphene oxide (GO) aqueous solutions produced through chemical graphite exfoliation. Various concentration

available from 0,01 mg/ml up to 2 mg/ml.

The solutions contains mainly monolayer graphene oxide sheets of variable dimension.

Graphene oxide solution medium concentration

Graphene oxide solution.

Graphene oxide solution high concentration

Graphene oxide solution.

Medium concentration Sol-GO sample. High concentration Sol-GO sample.

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Solid graphene oxide.

Solid graphene oxide (GO) produced by chemical graphite exfoliation. The product can be easily redispersed in water or different solvents.

Graphene oxide image  sheets powder

GO Graphene oxide powder.

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