Graphene oxide (GO) sheets supported on silicon.

Small to medium size graphene oxide (GO) sheets produced through chemical graphite exfoliation, supported on silicon. Typical sheets have lateral dimension in the range of 1-10 µm; samples with different area coverage are available to meet your needs.

AFM graphene oxide small sheets medium concentration

Graphene oxide AFM image.

Graphene oxide AFM image sheets medium concentration

Graphene oxide AFM image.

Small platelets Medium platelets

AFM image of GO sheets after solution deposition on Si, medium coverage density. Image sizes are 10 μm.

Silicon oxide, gold, glass or quartz are also available as substrates; for specific request contact our technical support.
Sample reduction can be done either chemically or thermically.

Main features:

Value Control Method
Platelets thickness: 1±0,3 nm AFM
Area coverage: from 5 to 99 % AFM

Chemical analysis performed on the GO original solution, values expressed in mass percentage:

Carbon, C 42 %
Oxygen, O 47 %
Hydrogen, H 2,4 %

Technical data sheet: GRAPHOS GOSi

Price for 1 sample at medium cover density = 75 €.