Sol-G & G-Ink

High quality pristine graphene in water solution.

Graphos collaborate with GNext for the development of graphene products and applications.

Graphos Sol-G and Graphos G-Ink consist on high quality graphene material suspend in water. The low amounts of exfoliating agent, less than 1%, maintain unaltered the properties of the pristine graphene. No oxidation processes are involved on the production of Graphos Sol-G or G-Ink.

With a lateral size up to 30 µm and concentration of 4.0 mg/ml, Sol-G & G-Ink can be used on wide application range. Sheet resistance of 15 Ω/square with thickness lower than 50 µm were measured on filtered paper; while 14 kΩ/square and 65% visible light transmittance are attainable on flexible transparent plastic film.

Large graphene sheets of Graphos Sol-G Graphene flakes on G-Ink

Micro-Raman at 514 nm laser (green).

Raman on trylayer graphene sheet. Raman on bulky Graphos Sol-G material.

With Graphos G-Ink you can print with a conductive pattern with a common consumer printer. You can even use a paint brush to make a conductive paint.

We are committed to improve the offer and the quality of our products by continuously investing on the research, Graphos Sol-G and Graphos G-Ink are not commercially available for the moment but please feel free to ask information.

Technical data sheet: Graphos G-InkGraphos Sol-G