Graphene oxide aqueous solutions.

Graphene oxide (GO) aqueous solutions produced through chemical graphite exfoliation. Various concentration

available from 0,01 mg/ml up to 2 mg/ml.

The solutions contains mainly monolayer graphene oxide sheets of variable dimension.

Graphene oxide solution medium concentration

Graphene oxide solution.

Graphene oxide solution high concentration

Graphene oxide solution.

Medium concentration Sol-GO sample. High concentration Sol-GO sample.

Graphene oxide AFM image small sheets low concentration

Graphene oxide AFM image.

Graphene oxide AFM image small sheets medium concentration

Graphene oxide AFM image.

Low concentration solution. High concentration solution.

Typical AFM image of graphene oxide sheets after solution deposition on silicon: low and medium solution concentration.

Main features:

Value Note
pH 2-5 Depending on the solution concentration.
Monolayer percent >80 %

Chemical analysis, values expressed in mass percentage:

Carbon, C 42 %
Oxygen, O 47 %
Hydrogen, H 2,4 %

Technical data sheet: GRAPHOS Sol-GO

Price for 100 ml sample at 0,2 mg/ml concentration = 65 €.